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"an exceptionally talented musician, whose bright artistic qualities find understanding and a lively response from numerous listeners."
Emmanuel Monaszon: Professor of Music, Moscow Conservatoire

Current repertoire


Tanja Starchenko graduated with honors, and completed a post-graduate course, from the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatoire in Russia. At the age of 18 she played Beethoven's Fifth Concerto under the conductor Israel Gusman.

Although still in her youth, Tanja Starchenko's qualities as a pianist are already formed - the mastery of sound, the ability "to sing through the piano", inner passion and a superb pianistic technique. Many connoisseurs have noted the incredible "pianism" of Tanja Starchenko in combination with her inner temperament. The artistic charm of Tanja Starchenko makes her a pianist not only to listen to but also to see.

Tanja Starchenko actively gives concerts in the former Soviet Union and abroad, and at a number of international festivals. She has performed concertos with orchestras in Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Yaroslavl, Sochi, as well as in Finland, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania. In 1991 Tanja Starchenko moved to Belarus and became the principal soloist of the Belarusian State Philharmonic in Minsk.

Tanja Starchenko's concerts draw large audiences. She has a diverse repertoire, much of which has been recorded by national radio. In 1999 compact disc " Russian Piano Music " - including works by Griboyedov, Varlamov, Rebikov, Metner, Rakhmaninov, Scriabin and Schnittke - was released. Her new CD devoted to Chopin (see Programme N1) is going to be released in the fall of 2000.

Russian Piano Music
Click the CD cover to hear a sample from Menuet by A.Schnittke. (track 13 in MP3 format)

In 2000/2001 concert season, Tanja Starchenko leads her subscription concert series in the Belarussian Philharmonic "To 300th anniversary of the Piano (3 centures of piano music) (4 concerts) Various other recitals and concerto appearances are being planned, including:

"The Suite in Old Style" by A.Schnittke ( transcription by Tanja Starchenko ) performed by Tanja Starchenko is a rare combination of plaintive beauty, poetry and passion. This pianist's performance brings charm; she possesses a rare gift - she is not only a masterly musician but also has real presence on the stage."
Music opinion (Russian press)

Sample Programmes

Programme 1

Chopin - Three Valses
Chopin - Two Imptomptus
Chopin - Six Mazurkas
Chopin - Ballade N1, op.23
Chopin - Two preludes
Chopin - Polonaise As-major
Chopin - Two Nocturnes
Chopin - Ballade N4, op.52

90 min.

Programme 2

Schumann - Arabeske Op.18
Schumann - Carnival Op.9
Chopin - Three valses
Schubert - Sonata C-minor

85 min.

Programme 3

Gryboyedov - Two valses
Varlamov - Tiny Finger-ring (Song, transcription by A.Dubuque).
Rachmaninov - Two musical moments
Rebikov - Valse
Metner - Sonata a-minor

45 min.

Programme 4

Rachmaninov - Two preludes C# minor, G minor
Schostakovitch - Prelude and fuga d-minor
Schnittke - Suite in the old style (transcription by Tanja Starchenko)

45 min.

Programme 5

Mozart - Variations C-major
Mozart - Sonata F major
Scriabin - Sonata G# minor
Beethoven - Sonata No.17 a-minor
Beethoven - Sonata No.31 Ab major

90 min.

Programme 6

Bach - Chorale-Prelude f-minor
Bach - English siute, a-minor
Bach-Busoni - Toccata and Fugue in a-minor
Mozart - Fantasy a-minor
Mozart - Fantasy c-minor
Debussy - Two Etudes
Debussy - Suite Bergamasque

90 min.

Programme 7

Schubert - Three Valses
Schubert - Four Impromptus, op.90
Chopin - Three Valses
Liszt - Mephisto valse N1

45 min.



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